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When:9/29/2018 8:00am - 5:00pm
Contact Name:by Dr. Waheed Musah (Founder and CEO of Hafrikan Prince Art World (HPAW)

INTERNATIONAL HUMANITY CONFERENCE GHANA 2018 with the THEMES “FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR A FREE WORLD AND THE SUSTENANCE OF HUMAN DIGNITY” “ THE ROLE OF STAKE HOLDERS IN ACHIEVING THE UN SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS FOR A BETTER WORLD, WITH FOCUS ON GOAL 4, 10,16, and 17”. Our main mission is to Develop Strategic Solutions to solve the Most Pressing Problems facing Humanity to enable us Emancipate & Liberate Humanity from uncertainties of Human interventions. On Saturday 29th September, 2018 at the University of Ghana Commonwealth Conference hall at 8am


  • His Excellency John Dramani Mahama (Former President of Ghana and Author)
  • HRM (AMB) Adegboyega Christopger Ariyo (Nigerian Former High Comiisioner to Namibia and Onibala of Ibala land International Guest
  • DR. Lanka S. R. Prasad (Famous Indian Cardiovascular Surgeon and Author of over 170 books) International Guest
  • DOC. Epitacio Tongohan MD (Philippines Famous Doctor, Father of Visual Poetry and CEO of Pentasi B WorldInternational Guest
  • Hon. Rashid Pelpuo (Poet & Member of Parliament)
  • Hon. Samia Nkrumah (Member of Parliament)
  • Prof. Lade Wosornu (Renowned Surgeon & Poet)
  • Dr. Amb. Mohamad Najib Cheaib (International Human Right Ambassador) International Guest
  • Nana Kwasi Gyan Apenteng (Chairman, National Media Commission & President of Ghana Writers Association. And many more

And many more.


The sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

“Achieving the SDGs requires the partnership of governments, private sectors, civil society and citizens alike to make sure we leave a better planet for future generations”. – UNDP

The human race across the is consequently being faced with difficult challenges and problems and this is very serious issue for international concern.

The international Humanity Conference Through a series of laudable initiative seeks to provide an international platform where local organizations and groups can come together to network and share ideas on how to overcome some of these challenges. Through well packed discussions, debates and keynote speeches and cultural integration activities, the IHC tasked itself to find some of the world’s bet solutions to humanity problems and also to complement the activities of UN in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our main mission is to develop strategic solutions to solve the most pressing problems facing Humanity to make the world a more safe and convenient place to live in.

We hope that this conference extends beyond the borders of Ghana and Africa in the next few years touching communities directly with the solutions that is brought out of the conference, we also seek to come up with implementation initiatives that would be community specific actively engaging both the local people and international experts to realize the full potentials of such initiative in the long term. We anticipate that this conference will rise to become one of the world;s leading and respected meeting point for discussion and negotiations that will advance humans existence.

The International Humanity Conference is designed to touch the youth mainly students and young career professionals, The IHC believes in the youth and challenges them to be agents to drive the solution needed to emancipate humanity. The conference will be delivered by Diplomats, Government officials, Academia’s Writers and Cultural and Human right activities. The IHC thrives on the expertise of these professionals to achieve the desired goals.

The main activities for the conference is scheduled into three main focus areas which are;

  1. Politics & Governance
  2. Education / Academia
  3. Art & Culture

There is a post conference event which is a literary Art Exhibition and Pentasi B World Award .

Together with our international partners, the organizers of the conference shall identify and honour individuals and organizations whose activities over the years can be related to making a positive impact in improving the living standard of all humans, The Award cuts across all fields and areas bit its prime focus is to award literary art practitioners who are using their art work of art to promote the betterment of humanity.


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